About Us.

Lyricom is a full service Marketing Communications, Brand Partnerships & Talent Management co, servicing our clients and partners based in London. We work with our partners across the following functions:

Marketing Communications Strategy & PR

Lyricom are appointed across a range of Marketing Communication projects, working with both Brands, Industry Bodies and Rightsholders, to develop purpose driven, human centric initiatives that help build emotional connections to consumers.

Brand & Commercial Partnerships​

Extensive experience working within commercial partnerships, utilising an insight driven approach, for both Brands to activate authentically, and Rightsholders to develop value additive partnerships to help monetise their Intellectual Property.

Talent Management & Development

Managing a roster that spans both independent and major label Recording Artists, Digital Talents, Producers and Writers.

Offering expertise across Production, Distribution, Digital, Promotion, Brand & Franchise Extensions, Live, Merch, Team Architecture and Administration.